Who We Are?

Mediterranean Fertilizers has been in the distribution and the international supply of Fertilizers and Fertilizers Raw materials since 2000.

Having a strategic position with most of the fertilizer suppliers in the Middle East, and armed with a well-experienced commercial team and an efficient logistics team, Meditfert is a reliable business partner to cater for all your fertilizers needs.

We continually strive for ways to improve our efficiency so that we can offer the most competitive pricing structure and solution to our partners.


Fertilizers Raw Material



1. Urea 46%
2. Ammonium Sulphate (A/S)
3. Single Super Phosphate (SSP)
4. Triple Super Phosphate (TSP)
5. Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP)
6. Mono Ammonium Phosphate
7. Muriate Of Potash (MOP)
8. Potassium Sulphate (SOP)
9. Granular NPK (15.15.15, 12.12.17 & Other Grades)

Fertilizers Raw Material

1. Senegal Rock Phosphate: a. Bulk vessels.

2. Egyptian Rock Phosphate: a. Bulk vessels - b. Bulk in containers - c. Bagged in containers.

3. Sulphur: a. Bulk vessels - b. Bulk in containers - c. Bagged in containers.

Our Services

- International Marketing & Distribution: In its international coverage, Meditfert acts as a hub between the consuming agriculture community and the fertilizers factories, as well as between the factories and the raw material suppliers.

- Flexible Transportation & Logistics: We organize global delivery with innovative and efficient logistical solutions, to meet your requirements, from 24tons containers to Panamax bulk vessels.

- Financial solutions: We offer various credit terms to suit your needs in the competitive business environment.

- Insurance: We offer insurance coverage as an extra service for the cargo purchased from us.

- Inspection & Analysis: We can organize Inspection by third party neutral inspection companies along with laboratory analysis, when needed.

- Technical consultancy: We can offer field agronomic consultancy for your crops upon request.



Cargo: Rock phosphate in Bulk
Quantity: 46,000 MT
Loading port: Adabiya Port, Egypt
Commenced loading: 03 Oct. 2016
Completing loading: 08 Oct. 2016

SGS Senegal Rock Phosphate


Vessel: WAFAA M
Cargo: Rock phosphate in Bulk
Quantity: 16,273 MT
Loading port: Adabiya Port, Egypt
Commenced loading: 14 Sep. 2016
Completing loading: 24 Sep. 2016

SGS Senegal Rock Phosphate

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